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  • Publiée le 1 octobre 2010
  • Durée 21m03s
  • 13208 vues
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  • 11 commentaires
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  •   ( il y a 11 mois, a voté 5 / 5 )
    Fantastic body, streamlined muscular swimmer, big beautiful cock. He's obviously given a great deal of attention to the art of masturbation and has practiced endlessly. He knows how to build up plateaus of pleasure, cool off, and rebuild to a higher level, without ever losing his erection. What a wonderful variety of JO methods, too. At the beginning, after rubbing and squeezing his cock through the speedo, he uses a slow stroke with a rotating motion that works the sensitive underside of the ridge, giving him a nicely erotic start to his session. Then some quick strokes on the shaft to increase the level, slowing down to prolong the pleasure. All of that is remarkable enough, but when he takes the speedo and rubs his cock with the fabric, you know he has much more in mind for his pleasure session...
  • caldotop
      ( il y a 12 mois, a voté 4 / 5 )
    les anges jouissent aussi !!
  • latengode18
      ( il y a plus de 3 années, a voté 5 / 5 )
    you are ADONIS the perfect man...so handsome...so nice COCK..WOW
    (body, face, hands,legs, hair... )
  • stefano
      ( il y a plus de 4 années )
    trop beau et bonne video
  • Rick534
      ( il y a plus de 4 années, a voté 5 / 5 )
    Hot young stud with a big huge cock! Hot fucking load!!
  •   ( il y a plus de 4 années )
    What University ?
    He's welcome to study here in NYC anytime. Ticket and tuition paid.
  • bihandoure
      ( il y a plus de 5 années )
    20 minutes de branle pour si peu de sperme !
  • Jujubat21
      ( il y a plus de 5 années )
    C'est long mais c'est bon et beau !!!;-D
  • julian
      ( il y a plus de 5 années, a voté 5 / 5 )
    J'ai bien envie de pomper une belle teub comme ça vers Neuilly (93)...
  •   ( il y a plus de 5 années )
    This looks like the guy that got kicked out of his Uni for jacking off in classrooms after school let out and video recording it?? Is it him?? I think so!! I think they nicked named him "speedo boy"?? It was in the newspapers a year ago or so?? I sure think it looks just like him!! And the speedo tan line looks like him! haha!! Nice body!! Love his blonde!! love his blonde pubes!
  • louis33705
      ( il y a plus de 5 années )
    This is one hot stud. Enjoyed the foot play. Beautiful strong man feet and cute blond pubic patch. Also enjoyed getting a peak of his blond armpit hair.

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